Thursday, July 16, 2009

Too Much Good Stuff

AMPM? No. The news today is just mind-blowing, and you deserve to have your mind equally blow your mind blowingly also see...the news....


6% of people think the Moon Landing was false? Really? Will someone PLEASE comment and explain why anyone would believe this? Conspiracy theories are awesome, but...for real?

Seattle is the BACON CAPITAL OF THE US!!!! How did this happen? 2 weeks ago Seattle was the vegetarian hippie bicyclist capital of the US...I thought...

Go delete 200 of the facebook friends, or won'

Why the guy at the blockbuster insists on making fun of you for renting Bring it On 2. You KNOW its not avant-garde post-modern noir, ok? Shut up.

Thank you Captain Obvious. Apparently, teens care about what other teens think of them. No sh**, Sherlock! But, for that guy in your class who insists he still doesn't care what people think, throw some scientific evidence in his pierced-up face. Then ask him if he's seen Bring it On: In It to Win It.

Why do I not have a vacation home in space yet? Hurry up. We launched another rocket-ship! Woot!

OK so there were a few other totally awesome things I ran accross today, but they're up on facebook.

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