Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Brief Note on Today's Elections: Important Issues for Young Voters

Hey guys! Some of you are 18, or are at least pretty close. So I was thinking we should talk about some of the laws coming up in the Washington State elections (TODAY, NOVEMBER 2!!). This is an important mid-term election year. Nationally, there could be a political shift of power which could change the direction the country is heading in. Within Washington, there are several key issues also.  If I-1098 passes, there will be an income tax on the state’s wealthiest population. There are also a couple of initiatives to change where and how liquor is sold (I-1100 and I-1105). Another key issue is Referendum 52. The goal is to fix schools, such as improving heating and air conditioning systems and overall making them cleaner and to be more energy efficient, as well as to provide new jobs for people.  While the money for all these initiatives go towards good causes, they all raise taxes. 

I wanted to letcha guys know the good and bad of the key laws in Washington, so when the times come you can be educated voters!! You can also find more personalized voting information at Washington State's MyVote website, which lets you look up the location of your nearest polling station (if applicable), how and when to mail your ballot (if voting by mail), and the races happening in your district, as well as track the progress of your ballot at the Ballot Tracking Website (if you live in King County).