Monday, August 10, 2009

Ch-ch-ch chaaaanges!

This is a Kookaburra.
And this pic will make sense in about 5 paragraphs.

Summer is flying by, and pretty soon there will be some changes around here. Alas, I (Abby the Intern) will be flying back to Los Angeles to go back to school shortly, and the blog will be changing hands. The VERY talented and totally fun PAB (Peer Advisory Board) members will be taking over from here. But don't fret! It is well known that teens are wayyyy more creative than grown-ups anyway, so the blog will be even more rockin'.

Also, Teen Link will likely be hiring a new Outreach and Education Specialist to accompany Eric on Youth Suicide Prevention Presentations at schools around King County, so we'll keep you updated on any awesome new Teen Link Staffers we pick up.

Okay! Moving right along into the fun stuff:

  • And, here's a review of G.I. Joe: Just in case you still want to go, I would just like to take this opportunity to remind you that movies are about $10. That's a lot of tacos at the Tako Truk. And if you don't see this crappy movie, all you have to do is NOT go see about 4 more crappy movies (and not doing things isn't hard!) and kabam, you got yourself an ipod shuffle. Just sayin.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Being bored is for math class, not for August

If you're bored right now, well, first of all you shouldn't be because you're reading the Teen Link Blog, duh! :P But more importantly, you shouldn't be bored because there's lots you could be doing!

Such as seeing one of several movies out right now, like The Cove, Moon, Funny People, Thirst, or anything except The Collector. Reasons to go: air conditioning, free parking, and wayyy cheaper than shopping.

If you're into music, here are some totally amazingly awesome-possum options:

You could buy tickets to the Flaming Lips on Friday, August 21st, or just try to win some here. If you've taken statistics or probability and aren't feeling particularly lucky, go with the Ticketmaster route.

There are also FREE concerts presented by Concerts at the Mural (in Seattle Center) for your enjoyment:

A Bob Dylan concert, and a Pixies concert coming up.

Pretty much, you should do anything and everything while you still have the summer free, EXCEPT having unprotected sex, despite the claims of this ridiculous study:

Happy August!
Teen Link