Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

Well...It's the 2nd of July but listen, we say all those people out there who have this insatiable obsession with telling you what day it IS and what day it ISN'T are being oppressive. Damn the man!

Assuming Mr. Schroeter over there doesn't win his legal battle, Gasworks Park will be a great place to watch the fireworks on Saturday, providing you like being shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of people you don't know, not being able to drive within a 2 mile radius of Fremont, and sitting on top of toxic waste, separated only by a foot of dirt that the little kid next to you is probably distrupting with his star-spangled shovel and bucket. Regardless, it's the only fireworks show in Seattle, and what else are we all going to do?

So please, we need your comments. Fireworks once a year can't really hurt fish that much, right? but 5,000 shells falling into the water all at once really can't be helpful if you're a salmon and trying to find a snack. So is this guy ruining a patriotic day, or is he the only one responsible enough to point out some big problems with this big party?

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