Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ooooohhhhhhh! Free Stuff!!!!

Thanks for checking out the blog! If you're here for the giveaway, just scroll down and check out a post that seems interesting. When you're done, just email with the title of your favorite blog post, along with your name and phone number. We will randomly choose one of the entries and mail you your SUPER sweet prize pack with:

  • A neon green TL frisbee (you'll NEVER lose it)
  • 2 TL lip balms (they're spf 15! neato!)
  • Soon-t0-be historic, discontinued TL stickers
  • A TL poster
  • A bunch of Where to Turn for Teens booklets
Just don't forget to send the email, because we'll be choosing a winner Monday.

*This giveaway is not open to current or former TL volunteers*
Good luck!

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