Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How am I going to pay for college?

The question is a big on the mind of every kid as they prepare to apply for college.   Although the question is huge, the number of options to finance college is limited to parents, scholarship, financial aid or jobs. If your parents can pay for college, that is great, but if they can’t or won’t then it becomes your responsibility to take on jobs and student loans. Many colleges have great financial aid programs to help students finance their education.  There are also various scholarships, based on school and extracurricular activities, race, and gender which are available to students.   Colleges also have many job opportunities, such as working at the library or sports facilities. However, I would recommend really finding a job that is in line with your interests and could also help you in your career of choice. However, a job is very time consuming and impedes your college activities.   Therefore, a good idea is to take on a greater workload during the summers of high school, and college so that you can save up more money and work less during school.

Here is a link to brain storm ideas on how to pay for college:

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