Friday, December 16, 2011

Traveling tips for the winter holidays...

Traveling Tips for the Winter Holidays
Are you traveling for the holidays? Here are tips from an avid traveler. If you’re traveling just an hour away, to across the country, don’t forget a camera! Here are some tips for traveling during the holidays.

1.      Traveling by Plane?
•       Wear comfy, easy to put on shoes, preferably without laces!
•       If you are checking your suitcase, you can try tying a colorful ribbon or tag so you can distinguish your luggage from all the rest when you go to pick it up at your destination.
•       When choosing a carry-on bag, make sure it has zippers, because in the over head compartment, or underneath seats, you don’t want all your stuff spilling out of your bag!
•       Don’t forget to take off your belt when going through security! Everyone always forget their belts, watches, anything metal in their pockets all the time!
•       Cut the time you spend going through security by having your quart sized bag of liquids and laptops ready to go, so you can easily access it instead of rummaging through your carry on.
•       Walgreens and other drug stores have travel-sized bottles for shampoos.
•       Going somewhere hot? You can wear shorts under sweats if you’re too lazy to change in airport.
•       Bring an iPod, a book, a magazine, a game, anything to keep you entertained on your flight! Or just take a snooze.
•       If your ears pop, trying chewing some gum during take off and landing.

2.      Traveling on a Boat?
•       Bring some medicine just in case you get seasick
•       Maybe take along some snacks, so you have some emergency food
•       Make sure you keep all of your items together so you don’t leave anything behind.

3.      Traveling by Car?
•       Bring a map or have a GPS handy for your travels
•       The Letter Game: Try finding something outside that starts with every letter of the alphabet
•       Bring some good music to play, and if it is a long car ride, make sure you have a large variety of music, so you don’t keep playing the same songs over and over and over again. Or if you are not electronically challenged, you can bring an iPod along to play in the car through the speakers.
•       Try different and weird flavored gum from different gas stations
•       Grab a pillow from home! Car windows are uncomfortable
•       If you don’t get car sick, maybe bring some kind of videogame like and iPod touch or a puzzle book if that kind of stuff floats your boat.
4.      Traveling by Train?
•       If you are traveling in Coach, make sure you have a clear vision of all your belongings, just in case someone tries to “accidentally” take your luggage home with them.
•       Sleeper train? Make sure you close curtains, so it isn’t awkward for everyone walking by your compartment.

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