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When parents and teens get into fights it is normally about things they do not see eye to eye on. Whether it is about if you can go out, wear a certain outfit, or miss school because you did not finish all of your homework, there always seems to be an argument. Think about all of the fights you have gotten in with your parents and read this survey.

Thousands of parents and teens took a survey and now it is your time to guess the right answers:

What percentage of Parents and Teens agree on these issues?

Clothing: 16%, 21%, 43%, 65%, 78%

24%, 46%, 55%, 70%, 100%

3%, 15%, 30%, 59%, 74%

10%, 33%, 55%, 66%, 74%

5%, 23%, 48%, 59%, 78%

13%, 35%, 58%, 67%, 80%

25%, 48%, 60%, 72%, 81%

24%, 46%, 59%, 68%, 83%

What do you think? 

The results may surprise you:

Clothing: 65%

Sex: 70%

Religion: 74%

Friends: 74%

  Politics: 78%       Work: 80%

  Education: 81%   Drugs: 83%

All of the results are the first or second highest percentage. Now, this does not mean your parents and you agree on all of these things, but it shows you that you and your parents may not be so different. There will always be fights and disagreements, but maybe you both agree in some way with each other. Anyways, think about this survey and share it with others. You learn something new everyday!

Some additional links with tips on how to talk to your parents:

If you begin to feel like things will never get resolved - that you and your parents just cannot work through your differences - consider mediation as an option. A neutral third party might be able to help you both to understand each other and find some middle ground. This can be an adult you both trust like a neighbor or a teacher. If you can't agree on who that person is, there are family counselors who can provide that role and in some areas, mediation programs that can provide BOTH adult AND youth mediators to create a safe and even handed approach to finding a resolution. Call Teen Link (866-833-6546) to see what can help you best in your situation


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