Friday, February 14, 2014

6 Things to Remember for Valentines Day

  As all of you know Valentines day is today, you may dread it or love it but here are a few reminders. 

1. Valentines Day is a Hallmark holiday made to help out businesses make money.

2. February 14th is also known as Single Awareness Day

3.If you have a special someone, make smart choices

4. For those who are single - its only one day

5. Accept everyone's choice of their ideal special someone.

6.No matter if you're single or not, know you are cared for and that there is hope for tomorrow



If you happen to feel the need to talk to someone on Valentine's day or any day of the year, call Teen Link. We are an anonymous help line for teens answered by teens. No matter the issue, big or small,we are here to listen. Our number is  1 (866) 833 – 6546. If you prefer chat, visit our website and click on 'chat'. We are open from 6-10 P.M every night all year.

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