Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Someone else's shoes"

I've always felt like the whole concept of "being in someone else’s shoes,"
was so fake and impossible to do. I've always thought that,
we all blindly pretend we know who someone else is, how they think,
what they mean when they do something.
We imagine that somehow we know them.
We act like we can know someone else's mind better than they do.
We know what makes them similar to us, different from us.
And we use that to pretend we know exactly what is going on with them.
The truth is, we all pretend to be someone we aren't,
to know something when it's only a guess.
Everyone fights a battle in a different way.
Everyone views the world in a different shade.
There is no way to ever truly know how someone else is feeling or thinking,
sure you can ask but you won't ever experience that exact thing.
Don't pretend you see the world through another person’s eyes,
you'll always see it differently.
Don't pretend you know what someone will be feeling at one moment because all it will be is a guess.
You'll never truly know what it's like to feel like someone else.
I mean it's just such an odd concept to believe that you can know and feel
what someone else does. No matter how much into someone’s mind you get, it'll never be the same for you. I've come to realize that if someone can talk to you, knowing they'll never understand it like you do, it’s so much easier to talk to them. Its okay if you can't "be in someone else’s shoes."
I think it is better not to put your own imprint onto the situation.

We all have our own shoe print.

~Anonymous Teen

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