Friday, October 5, 2012

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

I wanted to do some sort of research about drugs and alcohol and how it effects teens especially just to learn more about it. I found this really cool website that I think is a really good resource so I thought I’d share. It’s called Check and they basically say they are "a place for teens to check out where they are with drugs and alcohol." I spent a lot of time reading and watching some of their videos and it is actually really cool. They have good videos and info, but the coolest things are the "Moments of Truth" and "Stories" tabs. They are basically testimonials of teens that have done drugs/ alcohol and how addiction affected them or they talk about their recovery. Anyone can submit something to the Moments of Truth, which are stories of when someone realized they needed help (there are 1364 of them). The Stories are a collection of much longer real life drug stories from teens who work with the organization. They also have links to drug info and they have resources listed for getting help. Check it out.

Also, just for fun... you should probably see this. :)

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