Thursday, September 27, 2012

Drugs and Alcohol Recovery Month: Family Matters

Growing up my father was a drug addict. He always promised to get clean but it took him a long time to recover. My parents ended up getting divorced because of his addiction. I had a lot of built up resentment towards him and the drugs. When he actually went through treatment and seriously wanted to be free from his addiction I didn't believe him. How could I? He had tried before and it didn't work. But after a year of being sober I realized he was really sticking to it and instead of being happy I was ashamed. When other people would talk about what their father's profession I didn't know what to say. My dad didn't have one. He was a fully time recovering addict. At some point I met a teen who was in recovery. He talked to me about how hard it was and how he had to change his whole life and way of thinking so he wouldn't fall back into his old habits. The thing that really stayed with me was he was so proud of recovering. I realized instead of feeling ashamed of my dad I should be proud of what he had accomplished and be happy for him. I had never thought about how he felt, and how it must have been even harder for him because his children did not believe in him and felt ashamed. I am proud to say my father is a recovering addict. I love him for having the courage to get clean so he could have a better life and finally spend quality time with my brother and I.
September is recovery month, so please if you have someone who is recovering from any addiction tell them how proud you are of them and how they are courageous for taking on a life changing challenge. If you are someone who needs help with recovery let your loved ones know. Teen Link is now partnered up with the WA Recovery Helpline, so feel free to call Teen Link if you want support around your own recover or you want to help someone you care about.
Teen Link is annoymous, confidential and non-judgmental. We are open every night of the year from 6-10pm pacific standard time. Give us a call at 1866TeenLink (833-6546) or chat with us online at We have other teens on the line are there to listen, support, and provide resources if you would like them.

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