Friday, February 3, 2012


Boredom Busters
We all have those days – you know the ones.  You have nothing you want to do and can’t bear the thought of doing anything productive.  Well here are a few websites to check out.  Go on and get inspired.  Then get back to work. (All images from respective websites.)
People send pictures their kid’s drawings to this guy, and he magically transforms them into something comprehensible.  A few are plain weird though, before and after. 
This website is full of interesting letters written by a multitude of people.  Some are funny, some are heartbreaking, but all are worth reading. 
“The Laughing Heart” by Charles Bukowski is a beautiful poem about living life fully.  Sometimes it’s hard to do this because of whatever’s going on in our lives, but when we have the chance, we might try to live by these words.
From the man who brought you 1000 Awesome Things, Neil Pasricha gives a TED talk on his own life and attitude.  It’s a fascinating video to watch when you have time.
Here’s an easy DIY that doesn’t cost much (maybe nothing) and is actually useful.  I could see myself using one of these, unlike some of the DIYs out there.  It would make a nice surprise gift for a family member or a friend.
Sometimes you make an impressive CD for someone and then realize you’re out of jewel cases.  There’s always the folded up paper case, but this website one-ups that by letting you print out a foldable paper case with the song tracks and a title printed on the front in whatever font you want. It will also print out the fronts and backs of jewel cases in case you do have them around and don’t feel up to writing things by hand.
Handcrafted mixes with easy browsing through tags.  You can find a playlist for every mood.  Some random titles: Love a good drop, A Cure from Sadness, I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good. 
Similar to 8tracks, but you get to DJ in real time with 3-4 other DJs for real people.  There are rooms specific to whatever genre of music you want to play or listen to.  Examples include: DJ Wooooo's House/Dance/Electro, Indie While You Work, 90s Alternative, Chillout Mixer, The 99% Anything Goes, and Top 40.  Highly addictive. 
A tumblr dedicated to corgis.  Really.  Just as cute as you’re imagining right now.
A tumblr dedicated to lonely Cheetos.

A tumblr dedicated to zoomed-in pictures of halved chocolate bars.  As you might have noticed, tumblr is a great way to waste time and beat boredom. 
Here’s a tumblr that doesn’t have to do with animals or food.  This blog is about photojournalism.  It posts a bunch of different photos every weekday and focuses on the work of one photographer every weekend.   
Maybe you’re just looking for some hugs?  Here you go.
Now go and do something,
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