Friday, June 20, 2014

Asexuality! The "Fourth Sexuality"?

The GLBTQ (...+ many other representative letters) acronym is usually shortened to about these 5 letters, which represent the most commonly known non-heterosexual orientations, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or sexual, and Queer or Questioning.  However, a joke that I've heard many times about the GLBTQ community is that this acronym should really just be made of the whole alphabet because there's at least one different kind of sexuality represented by any given letter.  The A, for example, has at least three.  I used to think that it stood for Allies, but it can also stand for Agender or Asexual.

I, personally, didn't even know that Asexuality was a thing until one of my close friends came out to me as Asexual and brought its awareness into my school's Queer Straight Alliance. Though it seems pretty clear to me now, I've realized that a lot of people still really don't know about asexuality and that there are a LOT of misconceptions about it. I've recently come across a video on Youtube, by Laci Green, that talks about asexuality and breaks it down for those of us who've never heard of it before, and so I'm sharing the knowledge!  Laci Green is known on Youtube for her sex positive channel that is geared toward providing humorous sex education  that covers topics that aren't usually covered in most high school programs.  

The video on Asexuality is linked here, and I encourage you to check it out as well as the rest of Laci's channel! 

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