Monday, January 27, 2014

"Everything is Going to be Okay"

“Don’t worry; everything is going to be okay”
They always said that to me
Every Counselor
But they don’t even know half the story
They don’t know how I truly feel
What I was going through
No matter how long I talked
They never understood
My situation
Always moving
Never a place to call home
I was always somebody else’s girl
Self destruction
Should I kill myself?
I didn’t have a structured family
I moved out early in life
Moving around
The anxiety I felt when they said
“It’s okay; you can call this place home”
I knew I couldn’t
Because everywhere I went something always bad happened
Pack up my bags
Leave abruptly
Nothing was ever permanent
I was a free spirit
Yet wanting a place to call home
Somewhere I could feel safe
A nice family who greets me when I walk in that door
“Don’t worry; everything is going to be okay”

Homelessness is a real status in today’s and yesterday’s society. One would only hope it wasn’t part of tomorrows. We see the homeless on the street and turn away because of the label they wear. In reality society has told us “bad” things about the homeless so we would turn our heads away. The less unfortunate are just like you and I but with a different story. A much harsher story. We as a society have to look through our own eyes and look beyond what our family and the media tells us. We could take homeless people and give them a place they can call home if only our eyes were not shielded by what others say. There is hope; we just have to look in the right places.


What: Labateyah is a housing organization for kids 18-23.
Where: United Indians Youth Home
9010 13th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117
Contact Info: (206) 781-8303
Fax: (206) 781-7239

What: Shelter for people ages 18-25
Where: Basement of the University Temple United Methodist Church at 1415 NE 43rdStreet
Contact Info: 206-632-1635 between 8:00 and 8:30PM and ask to be put on the list

Another resource is Teen Link. Teen Link is an anonymous phone line and online chat service that is there to listen to you and provide a lot of community resources.Teen Link is for teens and answered by teens.Teen Link has shelter resources and other services for basic needs. The phone number is 1 (866) 833 – 6546. The line is open every night from 6 – 10 P.M. If you prefer to chat visit Chat is available all week. There is hope and we are here to help you find it.

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