Friday, November 1, 2013


 "She didn't get the chance to say, "Baby, I need you today", 
because he wouldn't care either way. 
It didn't matter if she needed him today. 
He wasn't always there, in some way, 
the pain was like comfort to her fragile heart. 
The bruises and the open wounds,
reminding her he was all she'd ever had. 
No one to turn to, no where to go. 
Although it wouldn't have mattered anyway,
she didn't get to find her way out, 
because he told her she was just fine,
always by his cruel and harmful side. 
She didn't get to let it all out, 
because he kept her on a constant lock down. 
She refused to escape, after all he said he was only keeping her safe. 
Yet he was the one to commit the crime, 
she couldn't say, 
but he was the one to claim her life.
She had more to give, but all he did was take. 
But it was an act of love he would say,
it was okay because she never would have spoken out anyway."

~Anonymous Teen

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