Monday, February 18, 2013

Stop the Body Hate: A Fight for All Bodies

Is it any wonder that people develop body image issues when we grow up with this THIS!

We are bombarded with messages every day that teach us how to be "better," to change ourselves, but most of all, to hate ourselves. We are told that we are not good enough the way we are-- we need to be bigger, thinner, whiter, more symmetrical, less ethnic, more exotic, flawless, more muscular, curvacious, etc. These unrealistic expectations make us judge ourselves and others, make us say hateful things, and think cruel thoughts. These messages from the media and popular culture are hurting us. They want to take our bodies, to own them. They want to strip us of our culture, our free will, our self respect, our pleasure, and our dignity. They are using us and our bodies as something to be bought and sold. When do we say ENOUGH!
If you are ready, join the movement toward Body Sovereignty.

Body Sovereignty is for everyone.
I am the owner of my body. I decide what is done to it and how it is treated.
I have a right to modify or decline to modify my body in order to best express myself.
My moral value is independent of my weight or appearance.
My body is an instrument, not an ornament.
I will eat what I want.
I will not allow anyone to shame my body or my self, or the body and selves of others.
My body deserves pleasure.
I have the right to know and define my body.
I will recognize that the bodies I’m attracted to aren’t the only attractive bodies.
Every body has a claim to beauty.
I will affirm and support the personhood of others.
I will never apologize for my weight or how my body looks.
I will recognize the privileges my body has.
I will celebrate the abilities of my body, even if they are different from others.
My body is a part of my self and my being. I will treat it and nurture it as such.

Body Sovereignty for:  
  •    Our ethnic and brown bodies:  
Minority women deal with body stereotype
  • Our queer and trans bodies 
Body image and anti-colonialism
  •  Our female bodies
Our vulvas ourselves
  • Our male bodies
  •   Our differently abled body

All of our bodies are unique and we all will follow our own journey toward understanding and acceptance.
Take a moment-   Look at yourself in the mirror for one minute and hold a strong position. Like Superman/ Wonder woman, fists raised, teeth bared. You are a fighter. Studies show this builds confidence. Check this out à

Everyone has their own battles to fight. We may not fully understand the stories of each other bodies, but we need to be willing to listen, hear, and acknowledge all stories. If we continue to perpetrate body hate against people because they do not look like ourselves or because they do not meet the unrealistic, ethnocentric and narrow standards of beauty in the U.S. then we are contributing to this war.  

Body Image: Self Acceptance vs Imperfection by Desiree Capri King

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