Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years


This is the time of year that nearly everyone makes a New Year's resolution.  Yet, I'm sure that many of you feel a lot like the character in this comic: stuck where you are, with nothing really changing where you are going.  You make a New Year's resolution (I always say I'm going to run three or four times a week), and...it doesn't work.  So, I am going to propose something different.  Something that can make you happier, more productive, and more active.

Be more grateful.

Surprised?  So was I when I first heard this.  It seems like sure an insignificant thing.  However, research shows that when people, especially teenagers, are more grateful in their day to day lives, they liver happier, more fulfilled lives.  You might ask "what is a happier, more fulfilled life?"  Beats me, but it sure sounds nice, and is something I will try this year.
I will leave you with a challenge  and a video.  In addition to your current (and maybe reoccurring) New Year's resolution, I challenge you to try to be more grateful for good things in your life.  And here is a video, that may (or may not) inspire you to do so:

Source about gratefulness here.
Link to YouTube video.
Ted, where the video came from, is an awesome source for more videos and a great way to kill time.

And finally, feel free to call TeenLink at 1-866-TEENLINK (1 866 833-6546) from 6 to 10 each night to talk to another teen about what you are grateful for, or anything else.

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