Monday, January 10, 2011

Disney Princesses...on repeat?

At 8pm this evening, I decided to go channel surfing! I scrolled through the channels and noticed that Disney's Aladdin was playing on AbcFamily! I turned to my dog and partially screamed, “of course I have to watch this!” So I proceeded to change the channel and I immersed myself in Disney magic.

As I watched, I noticed how incredibly sassy Jasmine is. I couldn’t help but compare her to other Disney princesses. By the end of the movie I had realized one thing: all Disney princesses are openly rebellious OR they are asleep!!!…

I found this extremely interesting if not a little strange. Every single one of these princesses disobeys their parent (except for Aurora who is asleep).

Does Disney have the same plot for every single princess movie?!
A girl, unhappy with her very luxurious life, rebels against her parents and in doing so meets the man of her dreams and assumedly gets married at age 15? WHAT?!

I guess it makes sense to not change something if it’s entertaining.

Although the plot is extremely predictable, I still find myself experiencing new stories with every movie. Disney is so successful because by using the same well-liked story, they can just change out the characters and setting.

It’s so great that it’s easy to overlook these illegal (by today’s standards) marriages and to not question what happens in ten years. But hey, why would you? It’s pure entertainment.

P.S. My dog watched me while I wrote this… I think she was spell-checking my work…

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  1. Cinderella doesn't have a luxurious life. She does rebel against her step mom though. Same with Snow White.