Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter weather causing problems for the holidays?

The snow started to fall on Monday for most people around the North West. The crazy conditions knocked out power for many people, and many gas stations were down as well. Some people thought because of the power outages and the snow they would not be able to have their Thanksgiving feast with their friends and family. The roads stayed slick throughout most of the week, including on Thanksgiving. For some, that stopped them from having their usual gathering, but for many they went forth with their holiday festivities anyway.

Seattle snow bauhaus Pictures, Images and Photos

There was many stores around the North West that opened a day earlier - on Thursday - for the Black Friday shoppers to get a head start on their shopping. Kmart, Sears, WalMart and Toys'R Us opened their doors on Thursday. Many people did not take up the offer, because of weather and holiday festivities. The malls were packed with people during the weekend, many stores offered weekend sales, extending the Black Friday madness.

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