Friday, February 5, 2010

Fml, Mlia - what's your favorite?

Judging from the growing popularity of websites such as “Fmylife” and “Mlia”,internet memes (concepts/ideas spreading rapidly through the internet via email, blogs, social network sites and instant messaging) have become an incredibly popular way for people to share their day to day thoughts and experiences.  Each site has its own focus, ranging from passionate rants to awkward, cringe-worthy situations.
On “My Life is Average”, users send in blurbs about what makes their life less than exciting. Many posts often relate to random discoveries where the user has discovered that their life is, well, average. 
"Today, someone asked me for the time, so I got out my phone and told them. They then pointed out the watch on my wrist. MLIA"
“Fmylife” users send in posts describing daily moments and situations which most would rather not be in, with stories covering the funny-awkward happenings of life to the more horrifying, avoid-at-all-costs experiences. Many more subject-specialized websites have been created with the format of “Fmylife” in mind.
A spin-off of “Fmylife”, this site shares various unpleasant experiences from college users. On the site are links to “Fml” websites for a variety of colleges, including Ivy Leagues, the UC schools, all girl/boy schools, local and East Coast schools and more. Though its fun to note the differences between that majority of what is posted on each college’s site, make sure not to judge a college by its “Fml” page!
Similar websites include:
“Love my life”---a site with more positive user comments
“My life is Jewish”---the title says it all
“My life is Twilight”---for those of you team Jacob/team Edward fanatics
So just how factual do you think the stories posted via comment/text to each site are? Some seem just too insane to be real, yet one never knows- check out the sites and judge for yourself!

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