Sunday, October 4, 2009

“The Swine Flu: The Side of the Pig Pen You Haven’t Seen”

Here at Teen Link, we are preparing for the upcoming spread of the new H1N1 virus, just as everyone else. From promoting new techniques of how to wash your hands better, how to cover your mouth better (in your elbow, everyone!), and sanitize surfaces more regularly, we are doing our part in trying to keep the spread at bay! As I know all of you have been hearing about the “swine flu” epidemic from the intense (overly?) media coverage, I thought getting a “behind the scenes” view of this virus might put a different spin on it.

First of all, a little history! Did you know there was a “swine flu” that broke out in 1976? Take a look at this commercial they had in order to urge people to get vaccinated! (Scare tactics, anyone??!)

Turns out the vaccine was hastily promoted too soon since there were definite complications in the old swine flu vaccine. BUT, not to worry: Although named the same, the virus now is quite different than the one in 1976, and so is the new vaccine for H1N1 (which is supposed to be coming out in October sometime). This article explains: "Health: 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine Complications"

So, obviously we all know all about the new H1N1 virus, its magnitude, its spread, its gravity, and so on and so on…but what about the OTHER aspects of day-to-day life it’s effecting that we would never think of?

Here’s 3 present day swine flu…um, “problems”?:


While trying to protect inmates in jail from contracting the flu and making everyone sick, hand sanitizer was given (in large quantities I assume?), and here’s what one guy did…Got intoxicated…

Looks like inmates wont be able to sanitize their hands anymore….

(DISCLAIMER! Liquid sanitizers are toxic if ingested!)


Yes, garbage became a problem due to swine flu! Here’s how: When the swine flu broke out this spring, the government of Egypt ordered to kill all the pigs they had. This has two “sub-problems” here: First, swine flu for humans is not spread through pigs; soo…killing the pigs does nothing (oops!). Secondly, the pigs in Egypt are what eat the garbage…look what happened without them:

Seems like pigs are needed in order to NOT have a pigsty!


Yes, even romance is trying to be stopped! Get this: the French government is urging its people to not kiss! The cheek kissing the French do is a “no-no” now that there’s a swine flu threat!:

Kind of ironic that the French are saying to not kiss…?

So what do you all think? Does the swine flu have too much hype? Is it from lack of knowledge (eg. “Kill all the pigs!”)? Should we be more cautious (eg. “No more kissing!”)?

Stay healthy everyone! Make sure to stay home if you’re feeling sick at all! ….and hand sanitizer is for HANDS (ok, inmate guy?)! J



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  1. this was really fun to read, especially about the inmates and the kissing no no part hahaha!! Well I think the kissing thing is so unrealistic! Great article for everyone's worries