Monday, June 8, 2009

Track, Lacrosse and Baseball are what?

Maybe you want to make sure you're en pointe for summer league or you just want to stay in shape despite extra hot dogs (or veggie dogs!) this summer. Either way, with summer just around the corner you may be looking for fun ways to get exercise, and trust us, you're going to get tired of Green Lake and your parents' treadmill. Exercising isn't about losing weight or trying to look good, but actually will make you feel stronger and healthier and give you more energy. Here are some ideas that us Teen Linkers use as alternatives to usual work out (or lack thereof) routines.

Beach Volleyball:
Some beaches like Golden Gardens (Seattle) have poles pre-set so you and your friends can bring a ball and a net and get playing. The advantage? Running on sand is great for your legs, and you won't even notice how tired you are because you'll be having so much fun.
Go here to see a list of all the parks in King County and here for a list of parks in the greater Seattle metropolitan area. Both sites have links, addresses and maps.

Alternative workouts:
Mix up your workout with unconventional equipment and daily work outs posted each day on sites like Instead of using expensive weights and buying a gym membership, claims you can get in shape just as well without the cost using common household items and your own body. Read more at:

Sign up for a dance class at a nearby studio and not only will you feel great after your practice, but you will have an awesome routine to show off at the end of the usually 11-12 week program. Prices can range from under $100 to over $200, but that might still be cheaper (and more fun) than a gym membership.

Get outside:
Seattle is full of great opportunities, like hiking, backpacking and camping near Mt. Ranier or renting a kayak and paddling around Lake Washington. These activities are as strenuous as you make them, and are easy for groups of friends to enjoy together. Go to for more ideas of things to do at the mountain. Or, for adventures in other Washington state parks, go to the Washington State Parks Page and use the "Find A Park" drop down menu for more info.

Turn hanging out into working out:
Places like the pool are a great place to get a little exercise. Try walking laps around the pool, doing pull ups on the diving board, working your triceps on the edge of the pool or leg lifts on your towel. For more specifics, go here.

If all else fails:
Go running with a buddy. Having someone to chat with while you jog will keep you both motivated. Try running through local parks together and trying to find the prettiest trails.

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