Thursday, April 9, 2009

Teen Link Blog Inaugural Post

Hello and welcome to the Teen Link blog! On this blog, we will be exploring topics close to the hearts and minds of our Teen Link callers and supporters.

A little bit about what we're not: on the Teen Link blog, we promise we won't ever tell you how to dress, or what music to listen to or what television shows to watch. We're also not a corporate blog, so you won't get a bajillion posts about how great we are, and all the great things we do for people (even though we're pretty proud of all the work we've accomplished).

Instead you, our (hopefully!) young reader, will get a glimpse at the inner-workings of a non-profit that puts teenagers in contact with other teenagers who are going through some rough emotional stuff. We'll also occasionally post about pop culture, from a critical perspective. We hope our blog is entertaining, educational....edutaining? entertational? God, those sound like awful words. Hopefully this blog won't be awful. Or unfunny. We hope we can pull that off. We're scared a little bit.

But in order for this blog thing to really thrive, we're going to need your support, your comments, your emails, and your opinions. So don't be afraid to comment on the blog. We won't hunt you down or kick you off the site or force you to talk to a therapist if your views are different from ours. We'll just be thankful you took the time to respond to us.

To be a teenager today is weird. There are all these people telling you what to do- your teachers, your friends, your parents, your neighbors, your enemies, your frenemies, your crazy aunt, Hanna Montana, and the cast of High School Musical. Teen Link is about not judging you for being affected by all these people. It's about understanding you're going through a lot, and it's about listening to you talk about everything you're experiencing and providing you with gentle, completely non-judgmental support.

We hope our blog captures the spirit of Teen Link and we hope you check back with us often.

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  1. Hey everyone. TeenLink is really a great resource. I volunteer with this organization and so far its been an awsome experience! I've met some really cool people and learned how to be a great listener which doesnt just apply to taking calls. If your thinking about volunteering I would highly reccomend it! The trainings heavy but its all worth it once you get to the phones and you know you're helping people out. Let's keep this blog going! COMMENT AND POST!! :) - Trevor